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It Starts with Your Users.

  • At NX Pro, our co-creation process starts with a fun, insightful and collaborative Ideation Workshop where we take a deep dive into the needs and challenges of your business, customers and technology. This critical assessment driven by Design Thinking allows us to understand and identify your core audience.

  • An expert team of our skilled designers and developers then takes these findings and begins to conceptualize and design audience-centric solutions. We at NX Pro work closely with you to set priorities and ensure that the wireframes, designs, interfaces and/or prototypes we produce have maximum impression for your product or business.

From Feasible Alternatives to an Optimal Solution

We at NX Pro Use Scrum-based Agile Development methodology that drives a dynamic iterative development process that allows us to measure, test, and grow your product in the markets and channels that scale your business forward.

This is how our process looks to agile enthusiasts: -

DEVOPS Solutions

Develop, Test, Launch, Repeat

  • At NX Pro, Our DevOps-defined culture offers you the advantages of seamless collaboration and rock-solid trust among our operations and development teams, resulting in faster, automated, and reliable product releases.

  • We at NX Pro harness the power of Microsoft's Azure cloud/AWS/Google Cloud platform (GCP) and devops (jenkins, docker, kubernetes, ansible, terraform etc) to help you deploy and expand powerful web applications.

    You will love to enjoy the value of continuous delivery and deployment, continual innovation, and increasing chances for better ROI and bottom-line development

Devops and Continuous Delivery
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